The Art And Hobby Of Coin Collecting!

At some point in time, more than 90% of the world population has tried to start the hobby of collecting coins. Some of the people are so obsessed with the subject of numismatics that they have seriously pursued the hobby of coin collecting. This hobby is an art and requires a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as patience.

To quote Geoffrey Cope, “Collecting the coins, is collecting the art in the form of coins is not only what and when we study but also the emotions when we hold the coin as a piece of history.”

There are many reasons why people consider coin collecting as a fantastic hobby. It is a hobby which is a chronological record of the country’s history as well as the art. However, it is a bit difficult to start this particular hobby. Also, you need to choose the level of coin collecting as per your interests. Your interest and readiness to invest the amount of time, money, and efforts for the pursuit of the hobby determines your level of the coin collecting hobby. Usually, kids start at an early age by collecting the present currency of their country. Later on, they gain more interest and start collecting rare and old stuff.

Like coins of other countries, old coins of India tell the story of the progress of the Indian civilization. In the ancient days, people use to barter different things which were used for their daily life. With the discovery of the metals, they started to use metals coins for purchasing their daily requirements.

The use of metal, which include silver and copper coins was started in India during (400 BCE – 100 C) and they bore numerous symbols of plants and animals. Kautilya, mentioned the minting of the coins in his famous book Arthashastra under the government’s rule.

The Middle Ages saw the extensive use of the gold coins under the rule of the Gupta Empire. These coins used to depict the current ruler as the warrior and verses in Sanskrit which was the elite language of that age.

The late Middle Ages, or the time of Muslim rulers, saw the prominence of the silver metals being used as the coins. The silver coins bore beautiful Islamic calligraphy. At that time, the lower denominations of the copper coins were also in circulation. At that time, copper coins of the older kingdoms were also used in various transactions.

In this way, India has minted numerous varieties of coins and learning about them has become a passion for the collectors.

Arts and Crafts – Let People Watch Your Skill in Arts and Crafts Through Moving Virtual Images

Arts and crafts comprise a whole host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one’s own hands and skill. These can be sub-divided into handicrafts or “traditional crafts” (doing things the old way) and “the rest”. Some crafts have been practiced for centuries, while others are modern inventions, or popularisations of crafts which were originally practiced in a very small geographic area. This explanation came from Wikipedia encyclopedia.

At the top paragraph, Wikipedia stated about the crafts that have been practiced for centuries. It means that your hobbies in arts and crafts has been practiced in this world since our great great grand father still alive. At that time, crafts just as one of their main activities in the communities. The inventions are not purposely in generating income for their own.

Lately, I mean in this modern information technology era, crafts were created to be one of the profitable inventions to make. If you search in the internet for “arts and crafts”, you will find thousands or up to millions of websites those are providing for any kind of “arts and crafts” activities.

Most of these “arts and crafts” websites are focusing on selling finished goods while others concentrate on giving tips and tricks in crafts making. In the internet itself, you can manipulate your own skills and expertise in crafts to turn it into a profitable business income.

Like an offline business, selling crafts online needs some advance and additional knowledge and skill to make it as your dream come through. What kind of online crafts business you can make?

There are some brilliant ideas to sell or turn your hobbies in arts and crafts into profitable business income. One of its is through moving virtual images. People that having same extra hobbies like you in arts and crafts will tend to watch moving virtual images. The idea is like this, record your “How to make” arts and crafts with your own or rented video cam, then put it in your own simple website or video site like and wait until visitors ask to purchase your crafts products. At that time, you will see money will pour in into your account unstoppable.

This is another idea in arts and crafts business online. If you are an expert in wood or ice or any sculpting things, put it in a moving image first before you start to sell it. A customer who is interested to buy your products will be amazed on how the crafts product has been made. This idea came to me while I was watching News at my place. The News showed a Japanese who is an expertise in sculpting woods to become crafts things such as wooden horse and eagle. He managed to sculpt a piece of wood to be a creative look like living thing. I was very amazed with his special handcraft that make it a good idea in promoting their own goods to the public.

This kind of moving virtual ideas have already been implemented by some of the craft lovers all around the globe in their own sites but why not some of us who are already talented and gifted by God but have not yet revealed their skills in any kind of place to show their skills in arts and crafts publicly.

A gift from God should be shared with other people. So, that it won’t become a wastage for your whole life. Some motivator said if you share your own knowledge to other people around you, your knowledge could enhance bigger and bigger. It means that if you have some knowledge or experience in arts and crafts but no idea on how to share it with others, learn it with anybody who already went through it and take it as a guideline to start your own business.

As a conclusion, in today’s’ world, if you have your own arts and crafts secret knowledge or skills, you have an advantage of making money out of it. Try to maximize the use of internet to get more exposure of your arts and crafts skills and one of it is through moving virtual images.

Art, Hobby and the Personalised Number Plate

The dark nights and mornings, the increase of warm fires and a distinct chill in the air all mean one thing – Autumn is well and truly here.

It’s the time when people knuckle down and hibernate for the winter or they go out and embrace a new hobby or sport. II think it’s a way to avoid the slumber of hibernation. It’s a great excuse to go outside even in the darkest and coldest of days.

I’ve asked the owners why they get a hobby based personalised number plate and time and time again, I get the variations of the same answer.

It’s all about what makes them happy. Many times when they come out of their house and see their car with:

a. their personalised number plate

b. their hobby or sport of interest

it automatically brings a smile to their face.

There is also the owner who likes others to know what they do in their spare time and then there are other customers who buy a personalised number plate displaying their hobby for their partner or family as a gift.

Whatever your reasons for having a personalised mark, there are plenty to choose from. Lets have a look at what can you can get.


If you’re a brush-stroke master like Michaelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci or prefer the watercolours of Monet, you can still draw up the ideal personalised plate. Here are some suggestions:

  • A9 ART
  • MS61 ART
  • AR12 BRH

Bird Watching

With so many beautiful birds to watch in the UK and Northern Ireland, it’s no surprise that birdwatching is a very popular past-time. One can’t help be amazed by the gracefulness and behaviour of this species. If you’re a bird watcher, here are a few choose from:

  • WA11 YYN
  • WA11 MED
  • B7 RCM


Similar to bird-watching, this is another favourite past-time. Fishermen get to leave the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy some relaxing ‘me time’ in the solitude of the wonderful UK and Ireland lakes and rivers. If enjoy a spot of fishing, then here a few suggestions for you:

  • F7 SHY
  • FL54 SHY
  • FF11 LLL


Some of us take up an indoors hobby. With so many different musical instruments, us Britons and Northern Ireland residents are packed full of choice as to what instrument to learn. If you’re the next Bruce Springsteen, Rory Gallagher or Mozart, then there are personalised number plates for you. Here are just a few:

  • 67 MUS
  • MUS 7T
  • T22 MUS

In summary,

No matter what your hobby, there is a personalised number plate for you. Your sense of adventure can be represented for all to see or just for you to know what it means.

The Benefits of a Hobby

A hobby is not always something we do that is creative. If it is then all the better, because quite often a hobby can turn into a full time job. It is something we can control as to how much time we wish to put into it so it can generate some major income and the bonus is that we own it. To me there has been nothing more self satisfying then seeing my art hobby start to become a career. Anyone can begin at any age, all one needs is the pure passion as the main ingredient to make a small hobby a big reality.

In today’s economic climate people are being made redundant from their nine to five jobs while others are losing their investment money. This can easily cause a ripple effect in a persons psyche, and cause the person to spiral. When this happens, people can begin to live in the gloom of all the bad things that have happened to them in their lives, including the blow of just losing their job.

This is definitely where seeking a hobby can pull a person out of the depths of despair, and get them focusing on something else rather than reliving their past life. A person can so easily be dragged into a black hole and it ends up being their psychological home. This is very damaging to the person themselves and also to the people around them, therefore no popularity contests are going to be won while living in a black hole of despair.

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, and people will always let us down at some point as jobs are lost and nest eggs disappear. The good thing about life is that there are still hobbies out there that are available to anyone that can see they could make a fair to good income. All that is required to make it all happen is a build up of trust and putting in some time and effort to reap the rewards of something you can successfully own. You can always get other people to help such as family or friends. They may help you extend your hobby into a thriving business.

There are opportunities for growth in a small hobby, they have the ability to be able to stretch to great lengths if we are prepared to put in the time and effort. Doing what you love to do everyday and making an income from what used to be just a hobby is something to be proud of and you can say “I own this.”

Hobbies Which Can Help You Make Money

Hobbies are activities which can help one relax, rejuvenate the mind when tired and also act as a motivating factor to help you achieve success. There are many hobbies which one can choose from and make the best of them. Many people start off with a hobby which later they convert to their profession, which not only helps them enjoy but also earn from it. Here are a few hobby ideas which can help you reap financially.

1. Arts and crafts – arts and crafts are many – doll making, candle making, painting, stitching, origami, quilling, wood carving etc some of the many arts and crafts ideas which one can use productively. These days, many people are moving towards developing a new hobby which can be done in a limited time and also at their own pace. Not only can one relax with a hobby, they get to learn a new skill and also put it to good use.

2. Photography – this hobby usually converts to a career choice for many. Photography has a wide scope – wildlife, still, portraits, nature, etc which can intrigue anyone. For most photography enthusiasts, what starts off as an interest, develops to a passion/hobby and turns to a career.

3. Travel – Yes, traveling can be a hobby which can translate to money generation tool also. As a person who likes to travel, blogging about the places, places of visit, guiding others for some well spent vacation etc are ways to help you earn while you enjoy your hobby.

4. Writing – blogging is a creative art with many opportunities opening up for budding writers. People who have good vocabulary and a penchant for writing can earn from the comfort of their own homes. Students who have a good hold of the language too are able to earn the extra income for pocket money, thereby reducing the dependency on their parents.

5. Web designing – many students who are addicted to the computer and intrigued by designing can benefit from it. They can use their expertise to create games, design web pages and also earn from the same. Many companies are looking for freelancers who can work at the comfort of their home and still be able to contribute towards the company’s growth.

6. Gardening – gardening is considered as a hobby only for the elderly, but it is not quite so. Gardening is a hobby which can help in spreading the green wave everywhere. Plants need to be nurtured and the methods depend on the climate, plant, mud in the pot and so many other factors. Companies look for landscape artists who can create a work of art in the space available, bringing in a greener place.

There are many other hobbies which can be turned to financially benefit you, if you have the interest to pursue them further.