Discover How to Turn Your Stained Glass or Craft Hobby Into a Money Making Business

Everyone would just love to find out how to turn their hobbies, passions, etc. into ways to earn a living and design their lives. Yes, we are aware that money isn’t everything and that isn’t the reason we personally do anything. There are bigger forces involved that cause us to want to get money out of the way. Like helping others learn, enjoy, while enjoying ourselves. So, if you’re thinking this is just about money, you’re mistaken.

When we’re kids growing up we dream of miraculous things we want to be. Somewhere along the line our dreams don’t always turn into reality and for many of us we turn to becoming realistic instead of optimistic and we settle for doing things that we don’t necessarily want to do.

Come on, you mean to tell me you dreamed of being an administrative assistant, a collections agent, or an accountant? (Yes, I’m an accountant and no offense if you are the above – just trying to make a point).

Well in this information packed article, I want to share with you how you can turn your stained glass making hobby or any hobby for that matter into a money making business.

It probably won’t be easy and chances are you’ll have to learn some new things, but it could be completely worth it in the end. Imagine enjoying your retirement while bringing in extra income instead of working at Wal-Mart. Imagine replacing your income at the job you hate and doing something you love. Imagine dreaming again like when you were a kid. Feel how alive you’ll feel instead of the drudgery you feel when you sluff off to work each day. Imagine a part-time income to supplement the job you do love that pays for things you barely are able to save for.

This can all happen, but you are going to need a plan of attack:

Here are some of the things you’ll want to jot down and some of the tips that have helped other businesses become successful vs. the ones that don’t.

**Why do you want to do this? Your reason(s) why are very important.

**Goals & Dreams. From how much money you want to make to how much time you’re willing to put in. Write down your wishes, your dreams, and your goals. Set time-frames. It really does work!

**What types of products/services will you sell? Yes, you’ll have your craft products, but what about other types of products? What about your knowledge, tools, supplies, the art itself, etc…
There are many ways to bring in money while helping others enjoy your art!

**Is there a need, want, market for what you’re offering? How are you going to be different than all the other folks selling their art/crafts? I can’t tell you how many festivals and shows I’ve been to where every other tent is the same type of product. The question you must ask is, what makes me want to buy something over the hundreds of other products being offered? You can sell the same type of product as others, but your service, delivery, price, and other aspects are what makes people buy from you.

**How are you going to set up your business? This is a good time to seek the advice of an accountant or attorney. Don’t go spend hundreds of dollars yet. Spend time on some of these other things first before you go setting up shop. You can also start out with just a business name and reseller’s license (if your state requires one). This gives you the ability to purchase from manufacturers and wholesale companies.

**How are you going to promote, market, sell, and distribute your products? This section is crucial. If you are doing this in your spare time, you must ensure you set up a system of sorts that will do most of the work for you and enable you to work smart instead of hard.

**Speaking of marketing and selling, what will be your means of doing this? How are you going to let people know that your art is worth buying? There are many ways and many books written on these subjects whether you have zero budget or a large budget to work with. Some here include, shows, fairs, flea markets, auctions, websites, direct mail, joint ventures, home selling, open a store, advertising in publications, writing expert articles, and more. Aside from actually making your art, this is the most fun and exciting part! This part will also make or break your business!

**How about a budget or cash flow? Chances are you’re spending money each month or so, on your hobby now. Just allocate that to a marketing and selling budget and work within your means. Allow for the purchase of additional tools, supplies, software, and so forth that will be necessary to make this all happen. You can do things on a shoe-string, but you must plan accordingly. Now is a good time to consult an accountant regarding business set up, taxes, and budgets.

All of this goes for anyone who wants to start a business whether you want to make $100 per month or $100,000,000 per year.

There are entire books, courses, and more designed on this subject. I have read and followed many. It’s simple to follow, but not easy to do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

However, since you’re already spending time on your hobby/passion, now you just need to implement some additional steps to turn those pieces of art and your knowledge into a thriving business.

We hope this help shed some light on what you’ll need to do to start a successfully, selling company around your art/craft.

We have seen too many folks spinning their wheels trying to make something work when with a little homework, they could’ve saved themselves a lot of headaches. Don’t let that be you!!!